Mecenas Post cART

This project shows 12 new artistic visions of Flamenco with the purpose of promoting the talent of its creators through a universal theme. Vote and help us spread new talents of the art.

Unesco has included Flamenco on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage for Humanity. Flamenco is a cultural industry, financial driver, object of studies and tourist attraction. It represents the present, past and future, tradition and vanguard and is one of the richest and most complex cultural statements in the world.

Part of the funding of the MECENAS 2.0 platform is obtained through the production and marketing of the 5 most voted works and the jury prize in postcard format “Maecenas Post cART”. These postcards will be sold in commercial establishments related to culture and act as a support for micro sponsorship, also serving as business cards and spreading of the selected artists’ talents.

If you are interested in buying the selected postcards .leave us your data and we will inform you as soon as they are available 

Maecenas 2.0 is a platform that works to spread new talents of the art through innovative, participatory and social projects, with universal and self-financing themes. The name contains the essence of the project: Public bodies, private companies and individuals bring different types of collaboration to develop a work of sponsorship aimed at promoting artists trying to start a career.